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Sunday, March 17, 2013

CEP817: Technology Needs Analysis

In the creation of my Big Kahuna I have decided to use quite a few technology tools. First, I am using weebly to design the website. I have used weebly before (in a limited capacity) but am enjoying relearning it and many of its features. Additionally, I have been using the following "tools" in the design and content of my site:

Scribd (to embed documents into my site)
Facebook (created a page about the site and activities)
Padlet (to create an interactive wiki which I embedded into my site)
YouTube (videos -also embedded) (which will be embedded later and will consist of a "paper" covering social activism stories)

I am sure there will be many more....but these are the primary ones so far. I had never used scribd or padlet before but neither required much effort to learn how to use them.

CEP817: Big Kahuna (rough draft)

You can now view the rough draft of my website at

I have a lot more to do to the site and have gone through a couple of iterations already but "published" what I have so far for feedback.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

CEP817: Web 2.0 Big Kahuna

On my BK site, I will have a collaborate page which will link out to a facebook page where kids can use the ideas presented on other pages of the site to connect with others in their efforts to create social changes in their homes, schools and communities. The "button" above will link them to the page I created on Facebook. Since I am the Admin of that page I will have to moderate posts, pictures, etc. However, I do hope to use this Web 2.0 technology to connect them to each other. I will attempt to connect some of the assignments on the website with collaborating on the Facebook page. I do have some privacy concerns so until those are worked out, I have disabled anyone posting to this page.