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Sunday, September 2, 2012

BIO for--CEP818: Creativity in teaching & learning

And the new semester begins!!!! Here is my BIO for one of my new classes.

Hello CEP 818!  I'm Rachael Hilliker.  Although I am not a teacher, I decided to take the MAET program after completing my Associate's and Bachelor's degrees online. I noticed in some of my classes (sadistics/statistics-- whatever) that the online format was not at all engaging or user friendly and then other classes were so technology rich and creative that I loved them! I have always been a creative person-I enjoy crafting, making homemade soap, creating ridiculous birthday cakes,  scrap-booking and currently I am building a 3 story doll house (furniture, house, clothes, the whole thing!) for my daughter for a holiday gift. My daughter is starting at a Montessori for Kindergarten this fall and I also have 2 step sons (4th and 6th grade at traditional public schools). My wonderful husband has been amazingly supportive (I have been going to school full time and working full time since my daughter was 6 weeks old) throughout this entire crazy journey. I have two wonderfully loving dogs (a pug Layla and a pit/lab mix Annabelle) that keep our entire family entertained.  For the last few years and up until last week, I was a caseworker for the State of Michigan Department of Human Services determining eligibility for food stamps, medicaid and other programs. I just accepted a position with our central office with the Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing where I will be a Department Analyst reviewing foster care agency audits and making training recommendations as well as handling contract issues between agencies and DHS. I am really looking forward to this class and am looking forward to getting to know all of you!!

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