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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forgive my ranting, or don't....

My 2nd class has started and I'm excited to see what it brings! I'm ready for the challenge.  Speaking of challenge-I'm still working on my "official" grad school application (due April 1st).  Right now, I'm enrolled in the classes on, well,  sort of a "conditional" basis-as a lifelong student in the certificate program.  However, I have to apply for and get accepted into the official MAET program (no pressure!) if I want to continue in the classes. 

I'm very excited to report that I finished my last class with an A--4.0!!  That is some serious motivation.  I mean-I would have been concerned if I hadn't done well-and wondering if I picked the correct program.  So far, so good.

I do want to take a minute to have a little rant (think of it as the stress and pressure of balancing work/school/family!!!) Lately, I have been reading more "comments" on various websites, forums and via my RSS feed.  I think perhaps this is a bad idea.  I've been getting very frustrated with the grammar and structure of others' posts.  What I mean is that I am noticing a communication pattern among "younger" generations that is making me feel OLD!  I have read comments that have actually made me stop and wonder if they 1) mistyped or 2) were using a different language (and no I don't mean Javascript or HTML!) That is all.

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