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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looking back....Personal Reflection

Looking back on the lessons in this class and my performance, I believe I learned a lot about different types of educational technology tools and resources.  I learned the most by reviewing the SIG projects-Popplets, Moodles,Yodio etc.  I enjoyed the MACUL space and getting all the trips and tricks the most and it made me think about different tools out there. I think what may have limited my growth is that I am not a traditional "teacher" or trainer so it's difficult for me to implement certain things in a classroom I don't have.  
  • What are some things that you have learned about effective teaching strategies when integrating technology? Effective teaching strategies can be learned best by using resources like MACUL and understanding tips and tricks to their implementation.  You might have to just "google" it if you have any technical problems.  Many free tools exist so it doesn't need to cost a fortune to do. 
  • How did integrating the Internet help you think about and evaluate uses of technology? I already integrated the internet into my previous studies.  I have done my entire college education in an "online"interactive environment so I'm not sure it was all that different for me.  However,  I liked have the ability to pick my own "medium"!
  • Which of the assignments that you turned in do you feel really exemplifies good teaching with technology and why? Our group SIG project exemplifies good teaching with technology because of all the examples and tools we uncovered in our research and the visual examples given. 
  • How have you met your goals established in your Personal Growth Plan? I haven't really met any of the goals in my PGP yet other than completing the course!  Most of my goals were more long term ones. 
  • Do you have any new goals? What are your plans for reaching your new goals and your long-term goals after this course is over? My new goals would be to really sit down and create example lesson plans using all the wonderful tools we have found.  I want to keep a portfolio to show examples of my work as a "resume" as well as to share with teachers who are looking for instructions on how to use certain technology tools. I would like to be able to take one thing a month (popple, moodle, yodio, eduism, etc.) and put together a small example of its possibilities in the classroom. 

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