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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting things Done-- follow up

Ok, so as a continuation of my assignment I actually implemented the workflow process today.

  1. How did you organize your process? (are you using paper and pencil, a phone, a piece of software)?  I organized the process on my iGoogle a few days ago.
  2. What was it like for you going through the process the first time? I had setup keyword searches in my RSS feed and then one by one went through the links that came up and determined if they should be added to our SIG stack on delicious.  This was an incredibly tedious task because some articles or blogs seemed interesting to me enough to read for pleasure but I had to remind myself of the task at hand and follow the workflow.  If it was not of use to our project, I just bookmarked it for future read (as if I'll ever have time) and moved on. 
  3. Do you think that this process will help you? Why or why not?  I think this process could help me if I am able to actually stick to it and get a groove with it.  However, I also think that strictly adhering to the process might actually slow me down because I already used a similar workflow process that had worked for me.
  4. Do you think you will continue this process? If not, what will your process be?  Personally I am going to use it for the purpose of the SIG project because I think for research items it would be useful.  As far as in my everyday work it most likely wouldn't be because I am constantly assigned new cases at work (non-education job for the moment) and have to regroup at various points in my day/week/month.  I can see it being useful to a teacher though!!

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