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Friday, January 20, 2012

Interesting article about apple and ipad. Our district is exploring the possibility of 1-1 computing using iPads. The thing is that there are so many free text books out there, and good ones too, I don't see how these text book companies are going to survive unless they do some really cool things like labs or quizzes through the book. It is going to have to be more like a self contained class than a typical ebook.

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  1. I really believe that physical books are quickly going to become a thing of the past....with Kindles, Nooks, Tablets with apps available like Kobo, I can't imagine that my grandkids will actually have books around like I do (I have 4 large bookshelves just in my living room, I'm old school). Many of my undergrad textbooks came with CD roms that contained interactive video, labs, etc. which was cool but left me wondering why they didn't just put the whole book on the disc instead?