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Saturday, January 21, 2012

RSS Feed-Information Overload!

Wow....I've used RSS feeds before, but never this many subscriptions at once and I must admit-it's a little overwhelming.  The internet has clearly brought with it the ability to get more information than ever before.  Besides wondering if information is true (rather than opinion or simply just made up--thank you WIKIpedia!), I'm also wondering how on earth one can truly stay up to date and informed on any one topic unless you are extremely specific in your feed.

Over the last few days, my RSS feed seems to have alot of information.  However, I learned that sometimes I subscribe to sites that maybe mention my topic and that's what I found in a search but then move on to a totally different topic and never to back to my keywords. I deleted a lot of content that way. Here's what I saw tonight when I logged in.

Of course my first stop was to a blog I've subscribed to written by Cathy Moore regarding Instructional Design.  So far I have found her information to be very technical and informative.  I left a brief comment about being new to the field and planning on following her blog. I was really surprised that many of the subscriptions had numerous updates between Friday morning and Saturday evening.  I have always been a huge NPR fan so I enjoyed linking the education section.  In my current position an RSS feed isn't exactly a tool for me.  I do however enjoy using it for personal reasons.  Perhaps when I'm a trainer/teacher I would find use from it based on course content or subject matter that I would need to keep up to date on.

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  1. I agree that the information is a bit overwhelming right now. For my personal/classroom use I would only subscribe to maybe two or three websites.