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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Online Experience (Teaching)

If I had students at this time, I think that this document would be very helpful in evaluating lesson plans as well as semester sections of coursework. I would try to use a combination of many of the technologies presented since none of the technologies cover all of the characteristics.  However, I would also want to use technologies that I had experience navigating and would be able to assist the students with. Using several of these technologies in conjunction with each other (a WebQuest that involves a Wiki and is based out of a Moodle course system for example) can touch on all of the characteristics needed to make it a complete quality online learning experiences.

I feel that the WebQuest is more geared toward subject matter like: Social Studies, Literature, Science whereas subjects like Math would be presented better in technologies like Educational Gaming. I feel that a "guided discovery" type pedagogy appeals the most to me because of my own learning style. For me, I think that certain technologies that involve more direction from the teacher are harder for me to use. I don't want to just recite information, I want to witness my students have an "aha!" moment when they are self-directed and truly get the concepts that are being taught. I don't want my students to just memorize information or know it for a test, I want them to retain it.  I believe that certain experiences will help the students to retain the information long term.

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