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Saturday, April 7, 2012

UDL Post

WOW, this was a tough assignment given my circumstances as a non-teacher creating a course for on the job adult learning!!  I did the best I could:

I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation     
1. Provide options for perception     
1.1 Customize the display of information     
1.2 Provide alternatives for auditory information     
1.3 Provide alternatives for visual information

If the worker needs reasonable accommodations due to disability for auditory or visual impairments to perform their job, then they will already have been provided in the office.

2. Provide options for language and symbols     
2.1 Define vocabulary and symbols     
2.2 Clarify syntax and structure     
2.3 Decode text or mathematical notation     
2.4 Promote cross-linguistic understanding     
2.5 Illustrate key concepts non-linguistically

Since the worker is an adult learner who is already "on the job" they will be familiar with vocabulary and subject matter specific tools (the forms, processes, etc.)

3. Provide options for comprehension     
3.1 Provide or activate background knowledge     
3.2 Highlight critical features, big ideas, and relationships     
3.3 Guide information processing     
3.4 Support memory and transfer

Since we will be using a mock interview (activity with other learners) the learner will be able to learn the information by a hands on approach which will guide their information processing. The train of thought presentation will give them examples and explanations as to what steps to take in the interview process.

4. Provide options for physical action     
4.1 Provide varied ways to respond     
4.2 Provide varied ways to interact with materials     
4.3 Integrate assistive technologies

Again, since there will be a video, a presentation that is interactive and they choose the next step, and a mock interview-there are varied ways to respond, learn and interact in this lesson.

. Provide options for expressive skills and fluency            
5.1 Allow choices of media for communication  
5.2 Provide appropriate tools for composition and problem solving         
5.3 Provide ways to scaffold practice and performance

The mock interview at the end of the lesson allows for expressive skills and fluency. The multi media lesson plan gives various choices of media for communication. The train of thought presentation assists with problem solving as well as the mock interview. The interview also allows for scaffold practice and performance.

6. Provide options for executive functions          
6.1 Guide effective goal setting                
6.2 Support planning and strategy development              
6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources           
6.4 Enhance capacity for monitoring progress

The lesson plan has been modified to achieve these guidelines as outlined in II.6.1-4. I added giving the worker a few case examples to read/review.

7. Provide options for recruiting interest              
7.1 Increase individual choice and autonomy      
7.2 Enhance relevance, value and authenticity  
7.3 Reduce threats and distractions

Again, because this is geared toward adult learners that are already on the job, they have already chosen this “subject matter” and have an interest in doing their jobs well. Since most of the lesson involves hands on direct learner involvement there should be little threat or distraction. Also, the value of completing the tasks is in the reduced stress of the day to day job.

8. Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence                
8.1 Heighten salience of goals and objectives     
8.2 Vary levels of challenge and support               
8.3 Foster collaboration and communication       
8.4 Increase mastery-oriented feedback

Since the mock interviews involve classmates, this fosters collaboration and communication.  I believe all the other principles are met as best as possible given the adult learner on the job environment.

9. Provide options for self-regulation     
9.1 Guide personal goal-setting and expectations            
9.2 Scaffold coping skills and strategies
9.3 Develop self-assessment and reflection

The comedic relief in the video as well as the presentation and mock interviews will assist in providing self-assessment and reflection, goal setting and coping skills.

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