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Friday, May 4, 2012

811 Reflections

Throughout this course I have learned quite a bit.  For starters I learned that a Wiki can be a very useful tool for interaction and that it is very different from Wikipedia in general!
I have learned that when trying to integrate technology into lesson plans using effective teaching strategies there is a very easy yet organized process I need to take.  Using UDL principles to create or revise existing lesson plans will definitely make a more solid lesson. As a non-teacher and what seems like a lifelong student --I have always enjoyed training sessions that are multimedia for my own learning style.  I have realized that a teacher has a better way of reaching all of their students if they use a multimedia lesson plan.  One of my goals for this class was to get a good start on my website and be able to have a vision for where my MAET portfolio needs to go and I would say I have accomplished that task.  My new goals are to learn Captivate and begin creating lessons to showcase on my website/blog.

Bring it on 812!

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