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Saturday, May 5, 2012

UDL review reposted

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UDL Guidelines - Educator Checklist
Your notes

Feature: Information is clear and concise on each slide sticking to a consistent format but allowing for the student to outlink to policy, procedures and forms.
Feature: Information is provided in a video (auditory) but then notes are bulleted after the video for the important take away lesson.
Feature: Information is also provided in a video (auditory) example.

Feature: Students will be familiar with the vocabulary, since they are already on the job. Terminology reviewed as a part of the mock interview process.

Feature: Images throughout the lesson help convey the “tone” of each slide.

Feature: Learners are instructed not to complete the tutorial unless they have the necessary background knowledge.
Feature: Follow up slides and incorrect quiz slides reiterate big ideas.
Feature: Slides for incorrect and correct answers take learner through the train of thought process used to arrive at said conclusions.
Feature: Quiz of material covered supports memory of information

Your notes

Feature: Mock interview process allows the student have a hand-on interaction with the materials.
Feature: An incorrect answer shows an explanation as to why it is incorrect to assist the learner in reviewing the information before answering quiz question again.

Feature: Learner can review policy or the videos for choices of information
Feature: Links out to policy
Feature: Learner can retake the tutorial or go to “previous” slides to review information

Feature: Slides indicate strategies for interviewing properly

Your notes

Feature: The value of the lesson is expressed in the results of an interview that did not cover all of the information needed from the client in order for the learner to perform necessary job duties efficiently.

Feature: Some of the quiz questions only review basic information the learner would have previous to this tutorial while other questions ask the learner to take their thinking to a new level which is challenging.
Feature: The goal of the lesson is to increase communication with clients.

Feature: the lesson plan looks at coping strategies and skills for interviewing and obtaining appropriate information and addresses the difficulty of asking clients certain personal information that may be sensitive.

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