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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Part A - Brainstorm Session (812 Group Leadership Project)

The trickiest part was trying to find the right web conference tool to record our session.  After many failed attempts, we finally produced this conference however the documents we shared did not come through-only the audio and the chat window.   Group Leadership Project: Part A - Brainstorm

  1. What web conferencing tool did your group use?  Which one DIDN'T we use might be more appropriate!! :) We tried many, but settled on
  2. What were the advantages to using the web conferencing tool to discuss this project? What was not seen in the recording is that we were able to switch between presenters, share screens, audio and video as well as documents/files. It did not limit our recording time like some tools said and it was all free.
  3. What were the disadvantages to using the web conferencing tool to discuss this project?  The disadvantages seemed to only be in figuring out how to get the tools to work. Some of the tools we tried only would record one person's audio.  Others wanted to charge or the file of the recording was so large we couldn't get it to "process".  Other than that I am pretty sure we picked a great tool to discuss our project.  
Our group decided to create a google doc presentation where we could all input research on our topic/project and bounce ideas and material off of each other.  We decided to get together Sunday (June 3) and start working out the details.  So far, we have thought about some basic instructional videos  on the Interactive Wiiboard, walking through a basic lesson plan using google earth, geography as the subject matter, and designing it to be best utilized on a whiteboard.  I am going to be looking at the visual and creative aspects along with the pedagogy, Dale will be looking more at the technical parts, and Ashley will be focusing on the content and pedagogy. We hope to being a rough draft of the Prezi is the upcoming days.

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