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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Web-Conferencing (Reflections)

Wow...what a test of my patience! :) For the web conferencing lab and group project our group tried a few different "tools".  Vyew was great for the purposes of sharing documents and talking between ourselves as all being presenters automatically.  However, we could not seem to record our session while getting everyone's audio on one "track". After trying many other free trials of random programs we found (we ruled out adobe connect from the get go because 2 out of 3 of us have not been able to get our audio to work previously in adobe connect) we finally found a free program that worked-sort of. We did a few test runs of BigMarker and everything went well.  When we finally recorded our brainstorming session we thought all the screen sharing was being recorded as video, however it did not come through.  Only the multiple audio and chat were recorded.  The tricky part of BigMarker is apparently you have to upload files to the conference room and pull them into the conference to get them shared in the recording.  I think the most stressful part of it was finding a program that would do what we needed, for free, without any hiccups! :) If I had a flipped classroom, I can see that this could be a useful tool for getting information out to students in advance and allowing for a group discussion that may not otherwise take place in class.

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