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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Assignment: PART B - Storyboard and Script

Group 5 rocks!!

Dale, Ashley and I created a Google presentation to illustrate our storyboard and script.  We also simultaneously created the skeleton of the prezi to show graphics and videos instead of "sketches" for the visual part of the project.  You can view our Storyboard and Script here in the Google presentation.  Where it says "notes" on the bottom of the slide is actually our script.  You can view the beginning of our Prezi here as well to see the elements of our graphics and videos that are part of our storyboard.We began the storyboard in Prezi but felt in order to do our script portion we needed to add a powerpoint.  Since it is an instructional process that involves calibration and software setup, the final product will include a voiceover and timed slides that allow the user to perform the steps while viewing the slidecast. Prezi does not let us add audio to it but will play audio from the embedded videos.  Because of this we will have to do a timed slidecast. 

It has been a great process so far-Ashley has focused on the content for the lesson plan we will be demoing as well as the script, Dale has worked on the Prezi, hardware, software, lesson plan material and the script, Rachael has worked on troubleshooting, resources, lesson plan/software options. All three of us have come up with ideas for videos, graphics, and material.

Going forward, Ashley will be working on the final audio of the prezi/slidecast, Dale will be doing the instructional video of the setup with a PC and Rachael will be doing a video using an iPad (if it works) and a popular app that works well for the IWB. Dale will also be doing a video of Ashley's Lesson Plan Google Earth tour.   All three of us will continue to tweak the Prezi as we continue on in this project. I believe the most challenging aspect of our final product will be timing the audio and getting the prezi to transition correctly as a slidecast.

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