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Friday, June 15, 2012

Wicked Problem Project: Part D - Findings and Implications

  • Formative: Did the project get implemented as planned?
  • Summative: Evidence of success in addressing the problem of practice
  • How would you approach another project of this type differently given what you’ve learned here?
  • What are the lessons learned that others might benefit from knowing about?
  • In what ways will you endeavor to do the same project again, and what will you change or not do?
My Wicked Problem Project  was not able to be implemented as I had planned. However, I fully expect that with the correct marketing plan after school is back in session that I will be able to connect parents and students with the resources available through the wiki. The general feedback from family and friends is that this resource will be very valuable to those in my community. The research that I have found regarding gifted children and their families fully supports the wiki idea as a valuable resource. 

If I attempted another similar project I would probably spend more time on the marketing, networking and research of the project.  A tool is not a tool if you don't know how to use it.  A resource is not valuable if it's not accessible. This wiki would have greatly benefited from being introduced to parents through a PTO meeting or with the school district's support. 

I learned that you can't have a "one man show" when trying to implement a project like this.  Since I have not lived in this community for very long I am struggling with figuring out where and how to promote it to create a "buzz" about it.  If I were more rooted in this community or had friends locally then I might have more support in the implementation. I may have also been able to start with a "team" of local parents who could have assisted me in the development and implementation of the project.  

I think that others would benefit from knowing that you could have the best idea in the world, but if other people don't know about it-it will never be successful. Planning a project like this takes a lot more time and research than I allowed for so if any one else wants to attempt something like this they should allow for that time. 

This project isn't over.  This fall, I fully intend to work on getting my idea into the school district and promote it within the community.  I know that there is a demonstrated need for it so it's just a matter of time before I can spread the word.  If I had to do it all over again, I would make sure that I have other parents on board to give feedback and promote the idea.


  1. Hi Rachel. I agree with the idea of using the PTO or school board meeting to promote it. See how active the community is with Facebook, etc and promote it there.

  2. Hi Rachael - Promoting your wiki through a school board or PTO meeting sounds like a great idea. Getting other parents to support you will most likely promote your idea of the wiki and make it a great success and beneficial for gifted students and their families.