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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Group Leadership Project

  1. What tool did your group use to deliver the PD tutorial?  Why? We chose to create our presentation in Prezi but then make the slidecast in Microsoft Movie Maker and add an Audacity voiceover. It's usability for doing images, audio and video (YouTube) made it our first choice.
  2. What did you learn during the development process of the final product?  I learned that group projects can be very time consuming and difficult to coordinate but that so much can be learned from your group members. Technically, it was difficult to get clear images, a good font for visual appeal, as well as timing audio with video to be accurate.
  3. What would you do differently if you had to develop a similar product again? If we could redo it I would suggest we not do the presentation in Prezi and instead use Powerpoint because it is easier to do images and audio in Powerpoint and then incorporate special effects in Movie Maker rather than using Audacity, Jing, Prezi and Movie Maker.  We couldn't get a program to really record the Prezi transitions the way we wanted without them being choppy and since Prezi doesn't let you record audio we ended up doing a lot more work.

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